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Hilary Wagner is the author of the middle-grade fantasy series The Nightshade Chronicles (Holiday House). The first book in the series, Nightshade City, is a CBC Best Book of 2011 and winner of the Westchester Fiction Award. The third book in the series, Lords of Trillium, just released this past year. Hilary is also part of the 2013 edition of Demigods & Monsters: Your Favorite Authors on Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series. She also writes for National Geographic School Publishing and speaks at schools around the world. 

Advice to aspiring writers: “If I can do it, why not you?” 

It sounds simple, but it’s true. If you have a dream, you must chase it and fight hard for it. Everyone’s road to publishing is different and very few of those roads are easy, but if they were easy they wouldn't be very rewarding, now would they?


★  My agent is Marietta Zacker of Gallt & Zacker Agency, and yes, she’s awesome and amazing and everything an agent should be! 

★  The Nightshade Chronicles is published by Holiday House, who has been in the business since 1935! They are the first American publishing house ever founded with the purpose of publishing nothing but children's books. I’m honored and thankful to have my books published by such an esteemed house. 

★  I love speaking to schools and writers’ groups. I have a list of topics you can choose from and am also happy to put build a custom presentation for you. Please go to the School Visits page for more information. 

★  The Nightshade Chronicles’ covers and interior illustrations are by Omar Rayyan. He’s illustrated many, many children’s books and he’s known as the “Animal Guy” for a reason! His talent knows no bounds! Please check out more of his work on his website at Studio Rayyan

★  My books are available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book. 

★  My favorite authors? Oh, there's so many! My top five children’s authors would have to be Kenneth Grahame, Robert C. O'Brien, Richard Adams, Rick Riordan, and C. S. Lewis. 

★  Looking to find out more about the craft of middle-grade writing? Look no further than Project Middle-Grade Mayhem, a blog I founded in 2010 with a team of truly amazing and talented middle-grade writers. We focus on all things middle-grade. Everything from writing technique, agents, editors, and query letters, and middle-grade book reviews. Project Mayhem was chosen by Children’s Book Insider as one of the top 15 children’s review sites in the US, so please check us out! 

Interested in a school visit? Find out how you can bring Hilary to your school? 

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